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At the right time, hundreds of young people are pursuing their dreams

Have already visited 1404/28/2021  

The radiance of the Party shines upon my heart
A hundred young people dream of swimming in the tide

On April 27th, MaanCun General Party Branch, together with Hu Taizhen Youth League Committee, carried out the theme activity of "At the Right Time for a Century of Endeavour, Hundreds of Youth Endeavour Dream Together". Hundreds of non-public Youth Endeavour came to Jiangsu Komet Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. to participate in the learning and education activities and visit the Party branch and party building positions of our company.



Jiangsu Komet is a high-tech enterprise which develops and produces new composite

 materials. It has wholly-owned subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Germany, and its

 products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions. The company has

 municipal engineering technology center and technology research and development

 center. In response to the call, in February 2020, Komet established the party branch

 of the company under the general branch of the party in Ma 'ancun, in order to 

explore the core power of the party building to the development of the enterprise,

 and initially form the party building brand of "Red Pioneer, Innovation Engine".

To this end, Komet has made great efforts to build a high-quality party building site 

covering an area of 800 square meters, and put it into use efficiently, carrying out 

various activities, such as staff reading activities, staff party history study, etc.

Remain true to our mission

In the Kemet Party and Mass Activity Center, young entrepreneurs actively participate in Party history puzzles and Party history knowledge guesses, review the original aspiration and pledge of joining the Party in the interaction, trace the footsteps of their predecessors, and encourage young talents to inherit the May 4th spirit and contribute their own strength on the new starting point of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party and the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the district.


Young talents leave messages on the exhibition board of "Hundred Years of Endeavour Road"


The young talents answered questions on the history of the Party

"May 4th Youth" Talent Exchange

Song Xiaoyu, Secretary of Hu Taizhen Party Committee, Xu Guanghao, Secretary of Binhu District Youth League Committee, Qin Jie, Deputy Secretary of Hu Taizhen Party Committee and other relevant leaders attended Hu Taizhen "May 4th Youth" talent exchange activities and listened to the opinions and suggestions of young talents on the Party, enterprises and talent development. In addition, the "Hu Taizhen Youth Talent Exchange Station" and the "Talent Tutor Certificate" were awarded to establish a platform for the sharing and exchange of young talents.


Secretary  Xiaoyu Song delivered a speech


General Manager  Jiazhen  Yu delivered a speech

Hu Taizhen Youth Talent Station was awarded the license
Youth Post and Talent Mentor Award

A new journey of modernization is ahead of us, and our vision and goals are ahead of us. As long as the running is not far away, as long as the struggle will be wonderful. Kemet will take active actions, take struggle as the motto, measure with steps, bear with shoulders and create with hands, effectively turn the concern of Secretary Song into the driving force to promote the development of Kemet, lead the company staff to create better results, and welcome the centenary birthday of the party with excellent results.


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