2022 Dusseldorf Wire & Tube Exhibition, Germany

发布于: 2022-07-06 08:22

The 2022 Dusseldorf International Wire & Tube Fair, which lasted for five days from June 20th to June 24th, 2022, has been successfully closed for KEMAITE. The company´s CTO, Dr. XIE LEI, , and the company European office manager,Mr. Tobias Boesch,  presented  the team in the exhibition. During the days, Jiangsu Kemaite performed and provided the professional and cooperative interactions and communications with visitors, and gained extensive attention and recognition from customers around the world.

Jiangsu kemaite Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that develops, produces and sell new composite materials, mainly focusing electromagnetic shielding film, integrated circuit packaging film and heat management composite materials and other derivative products.


Today, Jiangsu Kemaite’s main product group of electromagnetic shielding film has become the key supplier of  cable industry top market players, like Prysmian Group, Germany Kerpen Datacom, Leoni, Switzerland Datwyler and so on. The advanced chip packaging functional film product group newly developed by Kemaite has been reaching the same industrial technical level as the main market competitors, and getting introduced in the domestic mainstream chip packaging and testing enterprises for series production verification. In near future, these product groups will realize the substitution of their import supplying of our customer, and become a new engine for the growing of the company.


Jiangsu Kemaite will be steadily holding the philosophy of comprehensively understanding the customer needs, doing the best to provide highly supportive services and product quality, deepen the win-win cooperation and seeking mutual growth with our customer and partner!

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